• believer_band.jpg

    Genre: Progressive and Thrash Metal hybrid

    Origin: USA

    Artist Website: None

    Formed: 1986

    Status: Active

    Release Of Last Album: 2011 (Other albums were released after 2011. See Did You Know below for more info about this)

    Band Members:

    Kurt Bachman - vocals, guitars

    Dave Baddorf - guitars

    Howe Kraft - bass

    Joey Daub - drums

    (original members)

    Other Members:

    See discography for an album-by-album list of other members.

    Did You Know

    In an interview, the band has stated that they are no longer a Christian band. This is the reason I have not posted a link to their current site. The content posted there is not what I consider appropriate for Christian Rock. In the Discography section, only the albums that are inspired by the bands historical Christian beliefs are posted there.


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